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Here is a link to the MP3 of "C'mon Brady, Finish What Ya Started" by The Gov'ner.
I was commissioned to produce this in October by Gus "The Guv'nor" Boland, who is a bartender at Merry Arts in Lakewood as well as a manager at the Browns Stadium Executive Club (and he used to be at the Terrace Club at Jacob's). Gus - a big Browns/Brady Quinn fan, had the idea & lyrics 2 months ago, and hired me to produce it. Now that Brady's chance to start (and Finish...) is over 'til next year, we'll just have to wait - 'til next year - to push the song again!
In it's short life so far this season, "C'mon Brady" received airplay on Northeast Ohio radio stations such as WNCX 98.5 in Cleveland, WDJQ Q92 in Canton, as well as at WBWR The Brew 105.7 in Columbus. The song has also received spins by DJs at numerous clubs and bars throughout Northeast Ohio, and has been featured on news websites such as and the fan site
(Please note that there is a musically inferior, unofficial "demo version" that has been posted to another MySpace page by someone not affiliated with this project... Laughably bad, actually... but you won't find it here!)
Official MySpace site of C'mon Brady
Eroc Sosinski: Bass, Lead & Backup Vocals
Shaun Perry: Stunt Vocals
Dwayne Dickman: Guitars
Tommy Rich: Drums
Recorded & Engineered by Mike Brown at Lava Room Recording, Cleveland OH
Mixed by Eroc Sosinski & Mike Brown
Produced by Eroc Sosinski
Executive Producer - Gus Boland

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EROC'S AGENDA - 11/18/08
In tribute to our last performances of The Wall....

EROC'S AGENDA - 11/5/08
Never wear a red shirt when beaming down....

EROC'S AGENDA - 11/3/08
What Would Lemmy Do?

EROC'S AGENDA - 10/31/08
Happy Halloween!


EROC'S AGENDA - 2/5/07:
ALRIGHT, DON'T HAVE A HEART ATTACK... Yep, after 2 and a half years of dormancy, and with the addition of my brand new baby - the Mac Pro - and a little help from Mac uber-guru Joe Kleon, the literary cyber-force known as Eroc's Agenda has once again come to life... IT'S ALIVE!! Blogging since March of 2002 - before many people even knew what blogging was... (and what a stupid word, BLOG - how chic, expressive & eloquent - NOT!); let's just call this what it really is - an internet journal, a web column, a forum for me to rant and rave about everything and/or nothing at all... stream-of-consciousness Roc-babble, insightful ponderings or pure drivel - that's up to you to decide... but hey, I've got a website, and I'm gonna use it!
The format is still the same - news about WISH YOU WERE HERE and all my other gigs, my friend's gigs, the latest updates to my CD/DVD/media collection, websites that you should check out, and of course my pet peeves and anything else there is to pontificate about. It might be a few paragraphs, an extended discourse, or just a couple sentences... and since it's been awhile, I'm not ready to jump into the deep end again right away, so here's the latest with WYWH.
The band had a great time at our last show in January, and I personally want to thank all our fans who continue to support us and help spread the word - it was our 5th sell-out at the House Of Blues in Cleveland, and I believe we hold the sell-out/attendance record there now (just like we did at the old Odeon - 30 sellouts in our 8 years there), and you can see photos on our PHOTOS page. We will be back at HOB in April (date tba soon), and before that in Columbus at the L.C. Pavilion on Saturday, March 10. We are also working on the preliminary stages of our summer season of gigs - a weekend at Nelson Ledges June 15 & 16, some other regional festivals & theater gigs, and possibly our biggest show ever (!) at one of Cleveland's major outdoor venues later this summer - more on this as it develops.
Reflecting back on what has transpired with the band since my last Agenda, I can't help but smile at what we've accomplished since then - the acclaimed 2005 performance of Floyd's '77 Stadium show at Nautica and the subsequent DVD release of the show, which is also available for sale on our DVD page... more sell-outs and attendance records broken than ever before... the welcoming of phenomenal new vocalist/guitarist Jamie Combs into the band and our subsequent ability to tribute Pink Floyd more accurately than ever... the creation of the WYWH MySpace page... the 2006 Blossom Music Center performance on the same stage as Pink Floyd in '73... all the other Great Gigs we've experienced, and all the kind friends & cool people we've met along the way - it's been a hell of a ride, and I'm looking forward to more!
This last year has also been the busiest for me with my other musical projects, especially the Jim & Eroc Classic Rock Duo. Now celebrating our 20th year of rocking together (since February 1987!), WYWH co-founder Jim Tigue and I have been gigging up a storm locally - if you're within easy driving distance to Cleveland, we hope you can join us in our quest for the Ultimate Jager Party - we play 20 gigs together in February & March alone! This includes our ongoing Tuesday gig at the West Park Station plus a Tie-Dye Harvest reunion show there on February 16 with Tim Ginley on drums... and going even further back, a reunion of the U.S.B/Ultimate Sports Bar gang in Lakewood at Bobby O's on the Sunday afternoon of February 18 with Colin Dussault and Austin Charanghat. Plus, our other Jim & Eroc gigs at C-Town, the Happy Dog, the House Of Blues restaurant, Stampers & Pug Mahone's (for Jim's birthday Feb. 19)... man, I suddenly have a taste for some Jager and I don't know why - bookmark to quench that thirst!
Of course I can't forget to mention the Midlife Chryslers at the Sly Fox this Saturday - Tommy Dobeck is our new drummer and really gives the band that extra kick that somehow feels oh-so-good! (Remember OSoGood pop? It's a '70's Cleveland thing...).
Stepping down from the ol' self-promotion soapbox, I did want to recommend a show that I'm going to catch - New Orleans Funk-Trombone band Bonerama will be at Wilbert's on Wednesday Feb. 14 - they are too cool to miss, even if I may be a little jagered-out from all my gigs!
Okay, so I may have ventured into the deep end for a bit there - you can't keep me out now! - so look for more, coming soon - same Bat page, same Bat website!
Cool Breeze - and stay warm, it's colder than a witch's tit in January out there!

EROC'S AGENDA - 9/22/04:
The only thing on my agenda right now is real simple: our show this Friday 9/24 at the Odeon.  This will be a special night for us, so I really hope you can make it to the show - of course, I always say: You won't be disappointed! 
I've got lots of exciting things to tell you about, but we'll have to wait until Monday September 27, when the band will be posting a special announcement on this website.   
More to come - see ya at the Odeon!

EROC'S AGENDA - 7/10/04:
"My friends are lying in the sun/I wish that I was there.."
- Richard Wright, "Summer '68" - Atom Heart Mother.
I had to find an appropriate summer quote, and truer words were never spoken... ahh, but at least it gives me an excuse to jam out on Atom Heart Mother for a few!...
WISH YOU WERE HERE had a great May & June, thanks to everyone who made it out to the Odeon, Promowest Pavilion (our first outdoor show there - a little cool but we cooked!), Toledo Citifest's Rally By The River (turned on 2500 new fans!), our triumphant debut at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park (looking forward to a whole weekend there next year), and a hot night in front of more new fans at the 1st annual Summerfest at the Berea Fairgrounds - what a fitting way to cap off that mini-tour!  Special thanks to Mother Nature for the great weather at these last 4 outdoor gigs, always a risk factor in Ohio, lol... (Pictures from all these shows are posted at, and a special Nelson Ledges page has been created on our site.)
NEW SHOWS JUST ANNOUNCED - As we are putting together our Fall schedule, we have some great shows already booked:  On Saturday August 21 we return to Toledo with our new light show in tow to debut at Headliners - if you saw us in Promenade Park, you only got half a show - and this is a very cool venue.  Labor Day weekend (Saturday Sept. 4) we're back in downtown Medina for the Rally In The Rally at the Main St. Cafe - our last official outdoor summer gig.  WISH will travel to Pittsburgh for a very special "small hall" show to be announced soon, and then the band returns to Cleveland for a show at The Odeon on Friday September 24 - vocalist Jennifer Lee will be joining us for this performance, with the theme TBA.... More Fall shows in Columbus & Cincinnati will be announced soon - stay tuned to our GIGS page for the latest info!
NEW LOGO - NEW POSTERS - NEW T-SHIRTS!!!!  Yes, you asked for it, and yer gonna get it!  We will have t-shirts available at all these upcoming shows with our new logo design (by yours truly and Sue Unkefer, our graphic designer)... it's all about the Merch, in'nit?
JUST BUSINESS - that's it for this Agenda.... I've got enough music to talk about to fill another entire Agenda, (concerts, new releases & re-issues,etc.), so stay tuned... I gotta get to Acacia Country Club for a private Midlife Chryslers blues gig, getting out my best Hawaiian shirt... Huh?!?!

EROC'S AGENDA - 5/11/04:
"Every year is getting shorter / Never seem to find the time..." - that's seems to be my mantra lately.  But first, as always, I must take the time to thank all our friends in Cincinnati for making our road trip worthwhile - in spite of a broken-down van & illness in the band, those 3 hours on stage at Bogart's rocked because of the spirit & dedication of our fans, all captured by a 6-camera video crew (more on that as it develops, lol....) - we hope to see ya again soon, Cincy!  Special thanks to The Dude at WEBN & WOFX, Rob, Jamie & Beth; see photos of the show at the G4orce Studios site, and the setlist on our Forum......
Now to the biz at hand - we're just around the corner from our BIG SUMMER TOUR! (Well, if you can call 4 gigs a tour....)  But since we won't be playing live until the Fall, this is yer chance to see what all the hullabaloo is about if you're a newer fan, or to get your ongoing WISH/Floyd fix as prescribed by our own Dr. Robert.  Here's your meds:  FRIDAY MAY 21 at The Odeon in Cleveland - I've been calling it "The Dark Side of The Wall" - we'll be performing all of Dark Side of the Moon, plus selected "bricks" from The Wall and more.  If you haven't been to The Odeon in awhile, they have done some "fan-friendly" remodeling, and this will be our last show there until at least the Fall...... Our next stop is down I-71 South on FRIDAY MAY 28 at the Promowest Pavilion in Columbus for our 2nd Annual Outdoor Summer Freak-Out!  Last year's rain forced us inside but we're confident that Mother Nature will smile down upon us as we get all psychedelicized this year...... FRIDAY JUNE 4 we take a rare trek west to Toledo for Citifest's Rally By the River at Promenade Park for 2 early "happy-hour" sets, and then head east on SATURDAY JUNE 5 to Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Garrettsville, OH for our debut show at this cool venue - camping, fishing, and partying under the stars, supported by our friends in Morrison Hotel, Jandrix, Jimiller Band, and many others..... Suddenly it seems there are all kinds of bands hopping onto the "Pink Floyd Tribute bandwagon" - let's show these other neophytes that WISH YOU WERE HERE has been going strong for 8 years & is only getting stronger, by coming out to party with us - unlike some other bands, we won't ignore you (or each other on stage, for that matter) - you are the reason we are here!
OTHER GREAT GIGS IN THE SKY:  Thanks to everyone who made the TieDye Harvest reunion such a blast - somehow, I can remember (thru the Jager haze) someone saying "we gotta do this again sometime!"...... I'll be playing bass with Michael Stanley & The Resonators at Tower City Amphitheatre on June 19, plus assorted gigs with the Midlife Chryslers thoughout the summer...... At this point, I would like to send a huge THANKS & "Good luck mate!" to our outgoing Lighting Director Paul Miller, who has put in over 8 years of hard work and dedication to the band & is moving on.... Also a big WELCOME to our new Lighting Director, David Cook - if ya see him, shout out a "Cool Breeze!"...... 
CDs & DVDs ARE YOUR FRIENDS: Some of the releases that fueled my addiction these last 2 months - The Allman Brothers Band's "One Way Out" is the jammin' CD companion to the 2003 Beacon DVD; Wayne & Derek cook but I still miss Dickey..... Aerosmith's "Honkin' On Bobo" puts a rejuvenated hard rock spin on some blues chestnuts..... Jeff Beck's "Live at BB King's Blues Club" still makes my jaw drop..... Buddy Guy's "Sweet Tea" is only 3 years old but already a classic..... The Bad Plus put a New York jazz trio spin on Sabbath & more with "Give"..... Finally completed my collection of Frank Zappa's "You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore"....... Been holding on to the "G3 - Live in Denver"  and "La Vallee (Obscured By Clouds)" DVDs, waiting for that perfect moment to take them in - the genius guitar work of Vai and the chilling soundtrack work of Floyd - I promise to get to those real soon...... As you may notice, usually there are more CDs & DVDs listed here, but Cleveland has lost 2 great independent stores that closed in April - My Generation in Westlake and Quonset Hut in Parma - and I am currently in a state of digital mourning.....
So I guess "The time is gone the song is over / thought I'd something more to say."

EROC'S AGENDA - 3/14/04:
"Broadway On Acid"..... That's how I've been referring to our 'Last Cleveland Wall' show at the Odeon back in February - a long, strange trip indeed!  While I have learned to "never say never", I can truly say that I'm glad it's over, for now.  A production that size cannot be successfully produced without all the help & talent that I had available - big THANKS to all involved, and to the great crowd of fans and friends who sold-out the Odeon 5 DAYS IN ADVANCE - a new WISH record!  Needless to say, we always perform elements of The Wall in all our shows, so it's not like we're abandoning it, and I have gone on record saying we will do it again - somewhere down the line (maybe in the Fall in Columbus?)....... Other shows coming down the pike are Bogart's in Cincinnati on Saturday April 24, and a return to the Odeon sometime in May.  And to officially kick-off summer, we will be hosting the second annual OUTDOOR SUMMER FREAKOUT at the Promowest Pavilion in Columbus on Friday May 28.  Our last show there in February was one of our best ever (according to the 1000+ fans & friends there - thanks!), and this year we look forward to playing the 'outdoor' side of the venue - if you've never seen it, you gotta experience this show!....... Been to the Message Forum lately?  We've got our recent setlists posted, exclusive WISH YOU WERE HERE audio & photo links, Pink Floyd news, and other cyber-mayhem afoot.......
GIGS A'PLENTY: The big news in the "other gigs" section is the upcoming Cleveland reunion of TIEDYE HARVEST at Squeezeplay on Saturday April 10 at 9pm.  For the unitiated, TieDye Harvest is the classic rock & originals band that WISH YOU WERE HERE and Sugar Magnolia evolved from.  Originally formed as HARVEST by Jim Tigue in 1985 and joined by Eroc Sosinski in 1987 & Bob Gerhard in 1990, the band toured Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, and Vermont from 1988 to 1995, performing a "Pink Floyd Revue", songs from 3 original releases, and other classic covers by the Grateful Dead, Neil Young, the Stones, The Who, Zeppelin, the Doors, and more.  In December 2003 the band reunited to play in Killington VT, and are now ready to party with all our Cleveland friends!  Special guests will include past members Vince Broncaccio, Myrtle, Dan Tobin, & Tim Ginley, as well as WISH drummer Tim 'TJ' Hanculak, Cy Sulak, and more........ Squeezeplay will actually be my gig home for 3 Saturdays in a row, starting with HAMMERED (classic hard rock & metal) on March 27, the MIDLIFE CHRYSLERS (blues) on April 3, and the TIEDYE HARVEST reunion on April 10 - check out the GIGS page for more info.......
WHAT'S IN YOUR CD PLAYER?  Recently, mine's been getting a workout, at home & (finally) in the car:  The Darkness - Permission to Land (this band rocks...SO hard), Jet - Get Born (new energetic rock with a retro touch), Dickey Betts - Instant Live at the Odeon 3/9/04 (killer show, from what I remember!), George Harrison - Live in Japan (from '91 w/Clapton's band), Ween - White Pepper (a classic from a band you can't categorize), Badger - One Live Badger ('73 w/Yes' Tony Kaye), Yes - Tormato and Drama (the Rhino re-issues with bonus tracks), Charles Mingus - The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady (classic jazz, improv & dymanics that jam).......
WHAT'S IN YOUR DVD PLAYER?  Mine's been showing:  Frank Zappa - Does Humor Belong in Music (highly recommended!) and Baby Snakes, Paul McCartney - Wingspan, Deep Purple - Masters From the Vaults, MST3K - Volume 2, Yes - Yesspeak, and Space:1999 - MegaSet (all 48 episodes of the '76-'77 sci-fi series - I don't remember them being this cheezy!).......
Let's end this Agenda with another quickie 'Rant & Rave':  To those who waited too long to get their tickets to the sold-out Wall show last month and were then upset AT US about it (huh?! - I shit you not!) - there is a reason why tickets for a show go 'on sale' 2 MONTHS IN ADVANCE!!!!  We always say, buy 'em early, DON'T WAIT!  Hell, people have scalped tickets to our shows for $40 a ticket!  Get with the program!!!
Okay, I feel better now, thanks..... time to crawl out of my cocoon and face the sunlight, if there's any left.  See ya in the Forum!

EROC'S AGENDA - 1/29/04:
Happy New Year! (Better late than never, eh?)  So what if it's practically February - that's one of the perks of being your own boss: your own (flexible) deadlines!.... But after surveying the statistics of this site, I noticed just how many visitors actually peruse this ol' Agenda, so let's get updating, shall we?
WISH YOU WERE HERE returns to Columbus, OH on Friday February 20th to freak-out our fans at the Promowest Pavilion - c'mon OSU, this is way better than the Newport!  We'll be playing a variety of Floyd faves with an emphasis on The Wall, making this a kind-of "warm-up" show for the big-bang gig the following week...... That's right, it's true, WISH will perform THE WALL in it's entirety, for the very last time in Cleveland OH at The Odeon on Saturday February 28th.  This will be the biggest production we've ever, uh,...produced!  The music, the characters, the actual friggin' Wall itself - all for the last time here on the North Coast.  (Before asking me why, check out our Message Forum for the answer.)  Get yer tickets now - I'm sensing yet another sell-out here......  Other gigs in the works for Spring '04 include Bogart's in Cincinnati in early April, and then a return to Columbus with The (last) Wall - as always, stay tuned......
The Sight & Sound of our website:  After an initial "Pulse" of life, the Message Forum quieted down a tad (Who is this Tad, and what is he doing here?), but a recent surge says "I'm not dead yet!" - I'm a proud parent and confident about it's potential - topics include general WISH discussions & reviews, questions put to the band members, Pink Floyd news, rumors and opinions, and much more.  So if you haven't yet, please check it out and then register - which also puts you on our E-MAIL LIST! Woo-Hoo!!  I've received so many requests over the years for an E-mail list, so here it is.  What's that you say? "But I don't like Spam!"  Never fear, this monthly email list is certified "spam-free"......... Other cool website additions include WISH heard live on-the-air from WNCX-FM on the Audio page, and a new Photo page from our Columbus/Cincy road trip in October.  Lots more photos are just waiting to be posted - if only February wasn't so short.  No wait, it's a leap year so we have 29 days - but then again, on Februay 29th I'll be recovering from the Wall show - DOH!.......
TOUR TALES: The TIE-DYE HARVEST reunion in Killington VT was a blast of fun and fury - we had fun on the road despite the fury of winter ice storms!  Thanks to the Daves & everyone at the Wobbly Barn for making us feel at home - we'll be back, even if the power is off...... Cleveland is next: It's now official, TIE-DYE HARVEST will be reuniting at SQUEEZEPLAY on Saturday April 10th (Easter weekend - kinda like the band is "rising from the dead" too - ouch, I couldn't help it - sorry!)  With special guests (a cast of biblical proportions... there I go again) and surprises, this promises to be a night of Revelations (okay, no more)....... Speaking of reunions, the classic hard rock & heavy metal of HAMMERED will also be heard at Squeezeplay on Saturday March 27th...... and I cover yet another genre - the blues - with The Midlife Chryslers (featuring Michael Stanley) at Squeezeplay on February 7th.  Hey, that's just around the corner.......
IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC:  I'm just overloaded with new releases to feature, December is always the craziest, so away we go...... CD 's:  Dream Theater's "Train of Thought" is their heaviest & most delightfully manic release yet..... Steve Lukather's "Santamental" got me thru the holiday in fine fusion form..... Frank Gambale & Alan Holdsworth told the "Truth in Shredding"..... The Beatles stripped to "Let It Be...Naked", showing us what a "good little band" they were, as Paul says; and "The Concert For George" Harrison provided a stately yet  grooving & inspired tribute..... Robert Plant's anthology "66 to Timbuktu" is packed full o' solo hits and cool rare tracks, yet disappointingly ignores his fine first solo album..... The legend of Johnny Cash is "Unearthed" with a box set celebrating his recent catalog classics..... Watch out for Britain's lastest sensation, The Darkness, with "Permission To Land" - think the crunch of AC/DC with an outrageous Queen-style vocalist, blended together with Spinal Tap & Tenacious D - they know how to R-O-C-K!..... Our friend and 'local legend' Colin Dussault and his Blues Project have released "Official Bootleg - Live at Tri-C", and have even more cool new blues music in the can...... and from Columbus,  The Walt James Band's new psychedelic/progressive hard rock CD "Arrival" has earned them the opening slot for WISH at the Promowest Pavilion on February 20th.....  
Now for the DVD's (BTW, music DVD's are now the fastest selling of all DVD's): The following are heartlily recommended by yours truly, if you like the artist - 'Nuff said!  Here we go: Pink Floyd- Live at Pompeii (duh!), Tenacious D- Masterworks (rocks....SO hard!), Stone Temple Pilots- Thank You (live+rare - I miss them already), Rush- In Rio (Alex is "stunning"), Steve Vai- Live At The Astoria, London (w/Billy Sheehan!), Frank Zappa- Does Humor Belong In Music/NYC '84 ("the modern-day composer refuses to die"), and Grateful Dead- The Closing of Winterland (3 Gratefully-long sets)....... 
Speaking of "winterland", try to stay warm out there and if you're driving, don't slide into my car!  Oh, that reminds me, a quickie Rant & Rave:  When you're planning to go out and the local TV news/weather bimbo/butthead exclaims "Don't go out if you don't have to!!!", remember - they are being paid to HYPE & EXAGGERATE - with a job where you can be WRONG half the time and not get fired.  Think about it...... See ya in the Forum! 

EROC'S TOUR DIARY - 12/15/03:
Night before Vermont road trip for the Tie-Dye Harvest reunion in Killington......Just wanted to shout a quick THANKS!!! to everyone at the Odeon show this month, it was truly a night to remember with an awesome crowd, great jams, another sell-out, and now immortalized on CD thanks to our friends at !.... You may have heard about our last performance of THE WALL in Cleveland on February 28, 2004 at the Odeon, tickets for that are already on sale, and we are working on a Columbus date as well.... I'll post my annual Holiday Gift Guide in my next Agenda when I return from the road, but if ya really need to know now, the thing is: BUY MUSIC!!!!
See ya on the road!!!

EROC'S AGENDA - 11/3/03:
Hi....It's me again, the Central Scrutinizer...... oops, sorry, I was just lost in Zappa's "Joe's Garage", perhaps The Best Rock Opera Ever (sorry, "Tommy"!).... now before I go off and form a Zappa tribute, let's get back to this here FLOYD thang..... The first exciting news to announce is about WISH YOU WERE HERE's 2nd Annual "Acoustic & Electric" Holiday Show at the Odeon in Cleveland OH on Saturday, December 6th.  As tradition dictates, in the first set we'll be un-plugging and pleasantly de-constructing a set of Floyd that will "shock and awe," with special guests sitting in, such as Cleveland blues-harp master Colin Dussault and original band co-founder/guitarist Jim Tigue.  For the second set, of course, we'll plug it all back in again and "blow your eyebrows off", as Biff Byford of Saxon once told me.  Tickets for this early holiday bash are already on sale - get 'em now 'cause this show did sell-out last year the day of show......
So what could be more exciting?  The launching of the new WISH YOU WERE HERE Message Forum!  Ever since having problems with keeping the old cyber Guestbook afloat, I felt we needed something more, perhaps a way to provide a forum for interaction with and between our friends & fans, and I believe we have finally achieved that - please check out our new Guestbook page, which will link you to the new Forum.  (Once the 'newness' has worn off, we'll provide a direct link to it from the Home page - or bookmark it now and get registered!)  It's real easy to register, and a great way to spend a few minutes..or hours...and meet some new people, give some input to the band, get a few questions answered, debate your favorite Floyd topics, solve all the world's problems, create a few yourself, you know, the usual.... But seriously, if you've never been involved with an interactive web community, this is yer chance - I credit my experience in the Michael Stanley Message Forum with finally helping me to achieve financial independence!  Or, if you're the shy type, you can always just log on to read it, without any obligation!  (Uh oh, this is starting to sound like a frickin' infomercial!  Complete with multiple exclamation points!!!)
EROC'S TOUR DIARY:  Our Columbus/Cincinnati road trip was a lot of fun for everyone - in Columbus, thanks to all those who braved the Noah's Ark-like rains to join us at the Promowest Pavilion.  After finally conquering the infinite I-71 'construction loop of death', we made it to Cincinnati and rocked the WEBN and WOFX airwaves with a first-time live-on-the-radio unplugged performance that was but a prelude to the performance that night.... FEARLESS THANKS to all our friends in Cincy - The Dude, Rob, Jamie & Beth, and the crew at Bogart's, Cincy's premiere rock club - lotsa rock'n'roll history there - we will be back next year.....
HELLO CLEVELAND!  Yes, we're from Cleveland, so here's a coupla gigs to check out if you're around this neck o' the woods:  I'm proud to announce that one of my other bands, Midlife Chryslers, the all-blues & classic rock side project featuring Michael Stanley and members of the Resonators, will be at Squeezeplay this Friday November 7th.  Also, on Saturday November 8th, at 12 noon (yes, I will be up that early!), the Jim Tigue Band, which is myself, Jim Tigue, and WISH drummer TJ, will be at Hoggys on Canal Rd. for the WNCX F150 truck giveaway event.... Speaking of Jim Tigue, who's getting lotsa press this Agenda, he and I will be reuniting TIE-DYE HARVEST (the predecessor of WISH YOU WERE HERE) for a few gigs, the first of which will be in Killington VT in December, as well as a local gig in January TBA - watch the Gigs page for the latest on that. Also, our friend MYRTLE has a new website,, her band rocks.....SO hard! 
CD's AND DVD's ARE YOUR FRIENDS:  Back to my favorite addiction..... All kinds of great new releases coming out this week (Nov.4), including the new Dream Theater, Steve Lukather's Christmas CD, Robert Plant's new anthology, the Tenacious D "Masterworks" set, and much more - look for reviews on these & more in the next Agenda.... Other new CD's just out includes the latest Steve Vai box-set installment, "Mystery Tracks - Vol.3", more drop-jaw guitar pyrotechnics.....  "CAB 4" has Bunny Brunel, Dennis Chambers, & Brain Auger in a tasty prog/funk work-out.... NEIL MORSE's "Testimony" features Mike Portnoy and, if you can get beyond the preaching, the kind of melodic yet powerful songwriting that Spock's Beard now lacks.... and "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" is a return to the classic Alice we know & love, just as he proved onstage at TCA last month...... FROM THE VAULTS, not quite the crypts: Alice's 1978 album "From the Inside" is a twisted & adventurous look at his first rehab..... The Allman Brothers "Live at the Atlanta Int'l Pop Festival" from 1970 is a great document of Duane and Berry before they went biking (and that 2003 Beacon DVD jams just as well)..... A final RIP - tip o' the hat to the Man in Black, Johnny Cash - just got his classic "...At San Quentin", which gives new meaning to "Jailhouse Rock".... Santana & McLaughlin pay tribute to jazz master John Coltrane on 1973's re-issued "Love Devotion Surrender"..... the YES box set "In A Word" has kept me inspired throughout the writing of this whole Agenda - can't wait to see Rick Wakeman doing his 'keys & comedy' routine at the Odeon on 11/4..... TOTO rock out on the new "Live in Amsterdam" DVD, Luke and the boys must've been snooping around those special "coffeeshops" there....
PINK FLOYD's "Live at Pompeii" DVD has finally been released - and as always, I need to get into that proper "frame of mind" to fully experience it. Word on the street is positive - could it be any other way?..... Look for my annual "Christmas gift-giving guide" in the next Agenda - yes, it's that time already - AHHH!!..... And just when I was starting to enjoy this "Indian Summer" weather.... See ya in the Forum!

EROC'S AGENDA - 9/30/03:
So much to say, I'm not waiting 'til Roctober!  BIG THANKS are due, first & foremost, to all our fans & friends who came to the Odeon on the 19th and got Freaked Out with us at our QUAD show (was "Saucerful" as good for you as it was for me?), and a special thanks to those who "eased my pain & got me on my feet again" in spite of the broken toe that I suffered the week of the show - that's why I was doing the "Neil Young shuffle" on stage that night!  Human kindness (and a little Jager) can go a long way - thanks again to Rick, Joe, Myrtle, TJ, Dad, Dr. Halpert, the band, the Odeon and a cast of hundreds (over 800, that is)..... Keep an eye on this site for pics and audio coming soon.....  Now to start planning for the next shows: a rare Thursday night gig at the Promowest Pavilion in Columbus on October 16th (OSU, we wanna see you!), then off to our debut performance in Cincinnati on Friday October 17th at the legendary Bogart's - still looking for some U of C students to help us promote the show there - if you know anyone who can help us with this endeavor, please email me..... Took a promo run down there last week, caught part of the town's Midpoint Music Festival and I'll tell ya - Cincy does know how to throw a music party.  Thanks to The Dude from WEBN, Rob and Jamie for the hospitality and a healthy shot of the Blues, courtesy of the Sonny Moorman Band.......  Have you checked out our brand-spankin'-new MP3 AUDIO PAGE yet?  It's still fledgling yet ready for expansion - currently you can hear a medley of tunes taken from last year's FakeFest tour (a promotional mix of some of the best of what we do), and I also posted some treats for you diehards out there - 2 cuts from Jim Tigue's "Farewell Show" of 12/21/01 - a marathon version of Echoes and a rare Pillow Of Winds, that might just have to be resurrected at our next Unplugged Odeon show....... Cleveland's classic rock behemoth WNCX 98.5 is doing an A-Z song-title format all this week, with a guitar theme of the "ABC song" played by yours truly, heard throughout the duration (my claim to fame this week)........
BUY BUY BUY:  Here we go again, more evidence of my attempts to stimulate the economy..... Mostly used CD finds this time around featuring a few classic guitarists....... Eric Clapton's "Crossroads 2 - Live in the 70's" is a meaty 4-disc set that is a must for any fan of his 70's output...... Carlos Santana's "Fried Neckbones & Home Fries" explores the earliest Santana jams with rough & raw recordings from 1968, and his 1972 CD with Buddy Miles "Live!" shows his psychedeli-jazzy-funkified side....... Lotsa great blues and classics emanate from the "Monterey International Pop Festival" 4-CD box set, much more than what you've seen in the movie....... Roger Waters' hired gun Doyle Bramhall II & his band Smokestack go retro on their 2001 release "Welcome" to mixed results - sorry, but (editorial here) I don't think Doyle was quite a good fit for Rog's band, a little too maverick for my tastes, but certainly a smokin' player........ The YES re-issues continue to amaze, with "Close To The Edge" offering 2 outstanding "alternative version" bonus tracks....... On the DVD front, the Allman Brothers Band gives us the new "Live at the Beacon" 2003 set, still gotta get myself in the proper "frame of mind" to absorb that..... as well as the new "Monty Python and The Holy Grail" Collectors Edition (expanded by 24 seconds!)...... From the last Agenda, I give you this update - GO OUT RIGHT NOW AND BUY the "Making of the Dark Side of the Moon" documentary DVD, it's an outstanding exploration and lesson on how to make a close-to-perfect album....... The "Rising Low" documentary on Gov't Mule is cool for bass players & musicians who are fans of the band & the players featured, but not much else (Mike Gordon, stay out of that boathouse & stick to Phishing!)...... The Mars Volta CD alternately cranks & gets psychedelic, but where are the songs?  Still looking for the Best New Artist of 2003......
Gotta cover up the AC units and turn on the heat, goodbye Summer and welcome to Fall, God Bless heated waterbeds.  Feelin' toasty?  Remember that toast is not only food but a frame of mind, and as Ozzy once said, "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most."

EROC'S AGENDA - 9/10/03:
Ready to Freak-Out?  We'll get to that in a sec, but first round is a big THANKS to our friends & fans in Medina Ohio, all 1800+, who came to the "Rally In The Alley" to get their last summer dose of outdoor Floyd courtesy of WISH YOU WERE HERE.  Special thanks to Gary ("the Fat Man"), Rose, and all at the Main St. Cafe for treating us so well, even letting our roadie Rick Kennedy on the premises with his new Mohawk.  Kudos also to Rich and Vertical Sound......... OK, now are you really ready to FREAK-OUT?  We are - at the Odeon on Friday the 19thQuadraphonic sound.  An emphasis on the psychedelic side of Floyd.  Some new tunes and even a few surprises.  Get yer fix - 'Nuff said!......... ON THE ROAD AGAIN:  As promised, we are hitting the dusty trail this Fall to bring the Word (& Music) of Pink Floyd to your hometown, or at least somewhere other than Northeast Ohio.  We return to Columbus on a Thursday this time around (10/16/03) at the Promowest Pavilion, then head South for our debut performance at BOGART'S in Cincinnati on Friday 10/17/03 - very psyched for that one......... Still working on some other tentative dates around that vicinity, stay tuned to our GIGS page for the latest updates of WISH shows as well as the other bands that 'yours truly' performs in, such as Michael Stanley & The Resonators..........
VIEWS & REVIEWS:  How 'bout that blackout, eh?  Seems we need things like that every once in a while just to remind us what's important - and also to give us a few stories to tell in our old age........ August also was lit up with live rock: Anthony Gomes testified the blues/funk gospel to the converted at Wilbert's (home of the over-priced Jager shots - $4.75 - OUCH!), Bela Fleck enchanted the Cain Park crowd, Steely Dan made the Blossom trek enjoyable, and Jeff Beck & B.B. King gave us multiple guitar lessons at Nautica......... October is my favorite month (because it's Roctober?), looking forward to Alice Cooper's traditional Halloween-season show at TCA on 10/10........ Picked up 2 new DVD's this week, RISING LOW - a Mike Gordon documentary about Gov't Mule, and (of course) "The Making of Dark Side of the Moon" DVD, but haven't seen 'em yet, you'll get the full review next Agenda, same with the new Mars Volta CD....... Other CDs that made me put out the green since last month: Derek Trucks Band's mostly instrumental "Soul Serenade", a very jazzy affair recorded 3 years ago but just recently released.... Jeff Beck's "Jeff" continues his fascination with electronica.... Jane's Addiction's "Strays" rocks AND grooves.... Destructor's "Sonic Bullet" thrashes just like the old days, Dave Holocaust would be proud.... Walter Trout's "Live Trout 2000" is a great introduction to this smokin' fast bluesy guitarist.... Derek & The Dominos' "Layla - 20th Anniversary" has great extended jams on it.... Look for many new releases coming next month, including the Tenacious D "Masterworks" DVD set, which I promise will rock....SO hard......
While I usually close the Agenda with an upbeat item, this being the eve of the 2nd anniversary of 9/11/01, I must re-assert my thoughts on dealing with the pain, confusion, and anger brought about from those events, as I commented on in the Agenda last year on this date; that is, the belief in music as a power of release, healing, strength, pride, and unity.  And to add 4 simple words this time around:  We will never forget. 

EROC'S AGENDA - 8/5/03:
And away we go...... I know it's been awhile, so let's dive right in: Massillon hard.  This year's Cruise car show in downtown Massillon, as evidenced by the pics posted on this site, was another highlight of our summer - major THANKS to everyone who came, organized, watched, heard, played, and/or partied with us (literally tens of thousands!)........ Now that the band has had some time off to enjoy our summer as well, we're looking forward to many cool gigs thru the rest of this year.  Saturday August 30th - Labor Day weekend - will be our last outdoor show of the summer,  in Medina OH for the "Rally In The Alley".   Then things move indoors and get a little crazier - just announced is our Friday September 19th show at the Odeon - a "QUADRAPHONIC FREAK-OUT" featuring our very own "4.8 surround-sound system" - that's 4 separate speaker channels around you plus 8 musicians on stage!  It will also be the Cleveland debut of a few new additions to our setlist (great for all you Bike riders with Secrets - what a hint) - perfect for the Quad treatment, but then again, aren't ALL Pink Floyd tunes great in Quad?  Find out!  And  I know I may have said something at our May Odeon show about "The Wall" (did I really say that?), but good things come to those who wait, and all I can say is that the ol' Wall will be built sometime in the near future, when "you have grown colder".......... We are definitely planning on Fall road gigs as well, please stay tuned here for the latest news on when we come to your neck of the woods.........
HELP KEEP LIVE MUSIC ALIVE:  Many people regularly ask me what our former guitarist/vocalist/band co-founder Jim Tigue is up to these days - his website lists all his regular Cleveland-area solo gigs as well as the parties & bar gigs that I get to play with him, both public & private (we're for hire - another hint!)......... The Jam Night at SQUEEZEPLAY at Brookpark & Pearl in Cleveland has been moved to Thursdays and has been getting better & better- last week found me jamming "Third Stone From the Sun" with Tall Tom & Vince Broncaccio, "Backdoor Man" with the singer of Mojo Risin', and even a Doobie Brothers tune - oops, did I say that out loud?........ And don't forget to check out the GIGS page for more shows featuring the other bands I am fortunate to play with........ In July at TCA, The Allman Brothers Band cooked up a healthy cauldron of jam stew, and Dream Theater once again tore the roof off that glorified tent........ Many more shows to look forward to in August:  Funky blues guitarist Anthony Gomes testifies at the new Wilbert's on 8/7, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones park their bus at Cain Park on 8/8, Steely Dan are worth going to Blossom for on 8/12, stick player Jibilian gets progressive at Squeezeplay on 8/15, and guitar legends B.B. King & Jeff Beck share the stage of the Pavilion at Nautica on 8/20, where you can also have your money taken by the Sex Pistols on 8/27, God Save The Queen......... 
RECORDED MUSIC ALSO ROCKS:  Since the last Agenda, here are more of my "favorite addiction" findings: The new Spock's Beard CD "Feel Euphoria" is good, but I miss Neil Morse in the band...... Glenn Hughes goes retro but retains a modern crunch on "Songs in the Key of Rock"...... The Tommy Bolin Archives keep releasing more great discs featuring this long-deceased but still-revered guitar hero, I recommend anything live with Energy or the Tommy Bolin Band, at Ebbets Field, or the After Hours jam CD...... Finally got "The Steve Howe Album" on CD...... and also out is Trevor Rabin's "90124", featuring pre-YES demos...... More Live Phish, up to V.19 now, I dig it when they dig into the earlier years (like '91)....... Kennedy turned me on to Sam Bush, the live "Peaks of Telluride" is a great start..... Local "cow-punk-abilly drunks made good" the Cowslingers remind us why they get paid to play overseas on the brand new Americana-tinted (tainted?) CD "Cowslinger Deluxe"...... HEADS UP! :  Watch for "The Making of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon" DVD coming out this month...... Barry White, R.I.P....... 
And in closing, let us reflect on the immortal words of Spinal Tap keyboardist Viv Savage, as he so eloquently put it - "Have a good time.....all the time."   Emphasis on "all".

EROC'S AGENDA - 6/12/03:
HEY NOW!! Another month, another new Agenda - thought I forgot, eh?  How could I, with so much going on!  First order of biz is a big THANKS to our friends & fans in Columbus - where we hosted over 1500 Floyd freaks at the Promowest Pavilion on 5/31/03 (our biggest crowd there ever; we even got a mention in Pollstar!).  The weather may have moved our FREAK-OUT indoors, but it certainly didn't dampen the spirit of '67 as WISH got all psychedelic with the debut of "Bike" and "A Saucerful Of Secrets", our first Columbus "Echoes" in 2 years, and even an uber-funky version of "Brick 2" (shades of Bb).......... Next stop: This Saturday June 14th in downtown Massillon Ohio, for our return to the free outdoor car show that drew 10's of thousands last year - just check out the pictures on our photo page and more info on the GIGS page.  We will have a limited number of posters & videos for sale at this show, and joining us for the first time in years for this gig is our original sound effects tech (& TieDye Harvest soundman/Aquaman co-founder) Mike Smalley, subbing for Joe Kleon........ From cars to bikes: Our first appearance in 4 years in the Youngstown/Warren Ohio area will be on Friday June 27th, when we headline the 1st night of THUNDER VALLEY 2003 at Yankee Lake - saddle up the Harleys!.......... Surf's Up: While perusing the vast wasteland known as the Internet, God Bless it, I stumbled upon an online newspaper review of WISH YOU WERE HERE's performance of "THE WALL" at Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania from this past September - you never know what you're gonna find at 3:30am..........
MUSIC MUSIC & MORE MUSIC:  The new Led Zeppelin CD and DVD sets are simply incredible, go out and buy them now if you haven't.  They are historic, legendary, aurally & visually stunning, and a great conversation piece to boot!......... The Live Phish series continues unabated, with V.18 from '94 in Dallas just rocking, well, "SO hard", as Tenacious D would say......... The new Steely Dan CD "Everything Must Go" just came out this week, and while I haven't quite fully digested it, it sure tastes damn good so far.......... The Cleveland area has a new "musicians jam night" on Mondays at SQUEEZEPLAY (formerly the TickTock Tavern) at Brookpark & Pearl Rds. - hosted by our friend (& frequent WISH YOU WERE HERE guest guitarist) Tall Tom Denk, who also plays in the Tom Petty tribute Full Moon Fever.......... Another good friend of ours, Myrtle, debuts her new band this month - check her out at Shadows (in Parma Hts) on Friday June 20th........
RANT & RAVE DEPARTMENT:  Kudos to the Cleveland Free Times on their rebirth; There's nothing like a little healthy media competition - hopefully we'll see more local music coverage as a result (and not just about original bands that draw 18 people to the Grog Shop - how about the cover-band scene that still exists in this town?  I know this one successful local tribute band that's dying to be written about).......... And a mighty big "F.-You!" to Michael Powell, Chairman of the FCC, for changing the meaning of "FCC" to "Furthering Corporate Control"......... With that in mind, I'll leave you with a line of some early lyrics of "Sheep" - "Raving and Drooling, we fell on his neck with a scream!"  AAHHH - HAHAHAHA!!!!

EROC'S AGENDA - 5/9/03:
The Animals have been herded back home (to Flamingo Surprise) and all we have left are the THANKS to everyone, all 700+ of you, who made the Odeon "Animals" show on 5/2/03 such a great experience!  And now, as always, people (who weren't at the show) start asking me "when are you at the Odeon next?" - not 'til at least September, Bubba (see previous Agenda).  So that means you gotta check out our next show, at the PromoWest Pavilion in Columbus on Saturday, May 31st.  This will be a night of many firsts for us - our first performance in their giant outdoor amphitheater, the debut of some new Syd-era Floyd tunes, and our very first OUTDOOR SUMMER FREAK-OUT!  As the name implies, it'll be a mindblowing phanatasamagoric psychedelic extravagonzo of previously unknown and unforeseen..., uh,...things!  In other words, it should be a real trip and a lot of fun, so start planning the roadtrip now, call your friends from OSU, and tell 'em to get ready for a good old-fashioned Freak-Out!
Looking for a comprehensive reference guide of all things Floyd?  One source that I recommend is "The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia" by Vernon Fitch from Collector's Guide Publishing.  Concert dates, song info, people, places, & even deciphered sound effects - it's all there, and very readable for an encyclopedia.......The motherlode of live material from Led Zeppelin will be released on May 27th, 2 DVDs and 3 CDs of different unreleased concerts, jams, and TV appearances - I'm getting goosebumps just trying to comprehend it all (can you tell who my favorite band is?  Sorry, Rog!)........Cleveland bluesmaster Walkin' Cane (aka Austin Charanghat) has a new solo release, "706 Union Ave" that is chilling in it's rawness & emotions - if you get a chance, check out him & his hot band playing around town, I highly recommend it........The Allman Brothers Band will be "Hittin' the Note" at TowerCity Amphitheatre (TCA) on July 2, look for me grooving there........Also grooving is the new Trey Anastasio live set "Plasma", complete with a tune recorded last summer at TCA (listen closely, you'll hear me cheering on that one).......Not to be outdone, fellow Phish-erman Mike Gordon duets with guitarist Leo Kottke on "Clone" - a charmingly delightful, mainly acoustic CD.........Switching groove gears here, drummer Dennis Chambers, of Steely Dan, Santana, Niacin, and so many others, presides over a stellar cast of jazz & fusion cats on his solo disc "Outbreak".........Which provides a nice segue to the heavier, progressive fusion/metal of keyboardist Derek Sherinian - his outstanding new CD "Black Utopia" gets my vote as the best progressive release of 2003 so far, with help from Steve Lukather, Simon Phillips, Yngwie, Al DiMeola, & Billy Sheehan - this one smokes in more ways than one!........Blast From the Past Dept.: I just recently discovered the music of '70's English prog-rockers Gentle Giant, a mix of old Genesis & medievel influences with complex vocal & musical arrangements - their live set "Playing the Fool" ia a great start........and of course, I can't forget to mention Frank Zappa - the live "You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore" series is yet another way to explore the wonderful world of Zappa - wild, whacky stuff, indeed!.......
One more thing I need to RANT & RAVE about:  As I type this, the hostage/gunman crisis at Case Western University in Cleveland is unfolding, and I gotta say this (with respect to the victims of this situation) - nothing pisses me off more than the useless inane banter of the local TV news media "talking heads" - their incessant vamping & presentation of NOTHINGNESS under the guise of "news and information" is insufferable and inexcuseable to anyone of normal human intelligence, thought, and emotion.  And don't get me started about the Corporate control of radio - that's a whole 'nother Agenda!.........Okay, now that I've vented a bit, time to get outta the house and go see some live music - nothing better to help exorcise more of those demons, eh?  SEE YA AT THE NEXT SHOW!!!!!!

EROC'S AGENDA - 5/1/03:
On this, the Odeon eve, I say to you:  Friday's show at the Odeon will be our last appearance there (and probably the Cleveland area in general) until at least September.  So if you're waffling, or you're not planning on coming down, I would seriously re-think that position - now is as good a time as any for a Floyd fix, done WISH YOU WERE HERE-style, at our home venue!   And this IS one of our most-requested theme shows, something we haven't done in almost 2 years, Pink Floyd's classic ANIMALS in it's entirety.  We got plenty o' Pigs and Sheep, some On the Wing, and some Dogs to keep 'em in line.  And of course a killer set of assorted classics, from Syd to the stadium era, including something a little Obscured. (By Clouds, that is...)  Wake up Grandma and grab the kids (it is an all-ages show), this is truly AN EVENT not to be missed if you live in the Cleveland area - 'Nuff said!
We're also real excited about our next gig in Columbus, on Saturday May 31 at the PromoWest Pavilion - this will be our first show on their great outdoor stage.  The weather will be warming up, so we decided to take a page from the Pink Floyd handbook and make it the first annual OUTDOOR SUMMER FREAK-OUT!  Needless to say, there are all kinds of opportunities to have a good time at this event, and there will be more info on the direction this show will take, in my next AGENDA, after the din of the Odeon show has died down.  See ya Friday at the Odeon!  Oink Oink, Woof Woof, Baaaah!

EROC'S AGENDA - 3/10/03:
I always love saying this:  THANK YOU CLEVELAND for yet another sold-out Odeon show!  We had a great time  celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Dark Side Of The Moon with 1000 of our friends, including Myrtle, Bonnie, Billy & Tom (thanks for the pre-show Jagers - it's all your fault), Sandy (Happy Birthday), Paula Balish & Chris V from WNCX and the 92.3Xtreme gang (thanks for the cookies, Paula), Jerry from the Ohio Cannabis Society back at the vending booth, and the staff of the Odeon.  So now I have to start thinking about what to do for our next show in Cleveland this summer - anyone up for some Wall building, perhaps? Hmmm.....
If you've been following the band for awhile, you may have noticed that we rarely release video or audio of our shows, but right now we have a very limited number of videos of our 12/20/02 "Unplugged & Electric" Odeon show for sale.  It's over 3 hours long, one camera pro-shot with soundboard audio, and if you were there that night, with our special guests & the cool vibe of it all, well then you know how magical it was - for more info, email us..........Check out our GIGS page for some of my other bands' upcoming gigs, as well as the latest info on WISH YOU WERE HERE's April show at KSU's Springfest and our return to Columbus in May..........I know I've been slacking lately with posting recent gig photos on the site, it's just that our "staff photographer" Joe Kleon always takes so many great photos, and it's hard to choose from the literally hundreds of pics he shoots at each show!.........
CD SHOPPING:  The highly anticipated new Allman Brothers disc, "Hittin' the Note," comes out March 18th, the new Steely Dan in May, Pink Floyd's "Live At Pompeii" on DVD sometime this year, and a motherlode of live Led Zeppelin on both CD and DVD at the end of May.........Fans of prog rock & Dream Theater will enjoy OSI - "Office Of Strategic Influence" featuring Kevin Moore & Mike Portnoy.......Trevor Rabin's "Live In LA" documents the 1989 solo tour of the ex-YES guitarist.......Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Live at Montreux 1982 & 1985" is a smokin' collection of classic Stevie Ray jams.......The Funky Meters kick out the Bayou funk on "Fiyo At The Fillmore"..........Frank Zappa - buy anything!........Glenn Hughes & Joe Lynn Turner of Deep Purple & Rainbow fame team up on HTP's "Live In Tokyo".........and the classic MK2 lineup of Deep Purple tear it up on "Live in Denmark '72"..........DVD SHOPPING:  More Deep Purple (where do you think I got those Ritchie Blackmore stage moves...) is now available with "California Jam," one of their most explosive performances from '74..........My most-watched new DVD is from a '94 German TV show of guitar god Steve Lukather & Los Lobotomys, "In Concert"..........I must give some non-compensated/free plugs to My Generation in Westlake OH, and Buccaneer Records, 2 great sources for music like this.........If you don't get VH1 Classic, call your cable company, as they say - it's cool to see Pink Floyd videos on TV, amongst others...........
Spring is just around the corner, hard to believe, so try to stay warm for now - see ya at the Braumeister.  (Hey Kennedy, where's the Aventinus?)

EROC'S AGENDA - 2/7/03:
Time for me to Rant & Rave:  An Editorial.
The month of March is the 30th Anniversary of the release of one of the greatest rock albums of all time, Dark Side of the Moon.  (We will be performing that album in it's entirety on March 8th at the Odeon in Cleveland.)  Sometime in the mid-1990's, someone with way too much time on their hands (and a good buzz) noticed all kinds of trippy correlations & coincidences when you played the movie "The Wizard of Oz" along with Dark Side of the Moon (called synchronicity).  However, for it to really work, the music & film must start together at a precise moment.  If you've never heard of this before, there are other websites out there that are devoted to this, & I'm sure you can even find copies of this synchronicity on ebay.   I saw it at one of those laser shows, as the laser company was looking for anything extra to supplement the cheesy laser line drawings of a guy running while "Run Like Hell" blasted thru a distorted PA.  The synchronicity was amusing, I admit there are some funny & tripped-out coincidences.  However, that's exactly what it is, a coincidence.  
WISH YOU WERE HERE, as a live performing band, had fun with this whole thing back on 7/11/97, when we did a Wizard of Oz-themed show, complete with our very own live Dorothy, looking for Aunty Em & finding a "mind-altering" experience instead.  People have often asked me (and still do) about performing the synchronicity live, and I'll tell 'em all the same thing to this very day:  It is IMPOSSIBLE to synchronize a live performance of the album to the movie, without using a pre-recorded "click track" and a SMPTE time code (a high-tech method of synching music & film), which is the only way to ensure that everything is synched up perfectly (thus creating all the moments of synch that are so cool), and would thus reduce any human musician onstage to a robot, defeating the whole purpose of playing it live in the first place! And I don't believe that any of the Pink Floyd tribute bands out there are going to this extreme.  So, any band that says they are doing this synchronicity are only using it as an advertising GIMMICK, because once they start playing live, the synch between them & the movie will soon "get off track", so what's the point of doing it at all then?   "DARK SIDE OF THE MOON" IS GREAT, performed live, all by itself - IT DOES NOT NEED "THE WIZARD OF OZ" to make it any better or cooler than it already is.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.  It just doesn't make sense to do it live.  
Okay, I'm finished ranting & raving - I'm gonna go watch the Weather Channel while listening to "Obscured By Clouds".  Hey wait, that gives me an idea......

EROC'S AGENDA - 1/7/03:
Happy New Years to all, and a big THANKS to everyone who helped make our December Odeon show such a success: the audience, my fellow bandmates, crew, & special "unplugged" guests, our friends & families, and to the Odeon staff - it was truly a special, magical night, and a hell of a lotta fun, too!  We will be posting a whole page of photos from this show very soon - in the meantime you can check out a sample at  If you weren't there, what else can I say?  Your loss - see what happens when you miss one of our shows?? (Hahaha! Just kidding......kinda!)  So DON'T miss another one, you never know WHAT we are gonna pull off!!!! (Am I getting brutal here, or what? It IS a cold winter so far.....) Speaking of which, the new year of 2003 will be a banner year for this band, we've already got a few surprises "up our sleeve" that will surprise and may even SHOCK some people, and all kinds of gigs in the works, new cities, new venues, new songs....... It's actually all very exciting.  Of course, you'll get all the info here first, so stay tuned to this site! I should probably go "chill" now, eh?  Stay warm and I'll be back with more Agenda soon!

EROC'S AGENDA - 12/5/02:
The turkey leftovers should be just about gone by now, and I hope "you & yours" got stuffed like mine did!  With that holiday outta the way, the time to focus on the BIG SHOW is here - the UNPLUGGED & ELECTRIC show at the Odeon on Friday, December 20th.  To tell you the truth, I have not been this anxious and excited about a gig in years - this is gonna be SO COOL!!!  Here's the format: The first set will be "unplugged" with an emphasis on acoustics and vocal arrangements, like if the Floyd were to do an unplugged show.  Also, our current lineup will be joined by special guests on some songs, such as Marc Lee Shannon (from Michael Stanley & The Resonators) on mandolin, and for the first time since retiring from the group a year ago, band co-founder & former guitarist/vocalist Jim Tigue.  Percussionist Tim Ginley will also be on board to help carry the beat, and there may even be a surprise guest or 2, that is if we can find some room on the stage for them!  After an intermission, the second set will be performed "electric" as usual.  I'm so psyched about this, I'm even looking forward to the practice next week!.............You may have noticed on the GIGS page that our next Columbus show will be at the Promowest Pavilion on February 1st, NOT at the Newport as mentioned in the last Agenda - however, we've worked it out so that IT WILL BE AN ALL-AGES SHOW - please help us to spread the word, especially on the OSU campus.............Also on the GIGS page, you'll see that I'm now listing "other gigs and side projects" that WISH members are involved with, including the return of a great band that I played with from 1993-96, HAMMERED.  If you're into the heavier side of classic 70's, 80's, & new rock, then come out & get Hammered with us!.............Looking for a great holiday gift idea?  Pick up a copy of the NORTHCOAST NOEL CD, available thru the link on our HOME page - it features WISH YOU WERE HERE members & other great Cleveland music artists and benefits the Salvation Army.............
If you were at the Rush, Souvenir, Down, Peter Gabriel, and The Other Ones concerts in Cleveland, I may have seen you (oh, and we can't forget Peanut's All-Star Jam, too!)............It was definitely worth the road trip to Erie PA to see NIACIN (featuring Billy Sheehan & Dennis Chambers) - unbelievable!............Speaking of holiday gifts, here's a cool site that I'm shopping at,, and make sure you check out the "" section there as well, even if it's just for a laugh - I guarantee you will!.......... 
Lotsa good CDs out there to choose from as well, here's just a sampling of what I've picked up in the last month:  Progressive rock fans will enjoy RYO OKUMOTO's Coming Through (plus anything by SPOCK'S BEARD and TRANSATLANTIC), PLANET X's Moonbabies, and the new KANSAS live CD & DVD called Device-Voice-Drum (thanks, Phil!)...... Rhino has been re-releasing all the early CHICAGO albums, which feature great horns and the irreplaceable Terry Kath on guitar......Chris Cornell wails on the new AUDIOSLAVE CD......The GRATEFUL DEAD are still alive on Go To Naussau and Dick's Picks #26........PHISH cover "The White Album" on Live Phish V. 13 and also "Quadrophenia" on V. 14, while their new "made in 4 days" studio CD, Round Room, comes out December 10th......And of course there's FRANK ZAPPA - Ryko has released 3 killer 1969-72 albums, Hot Rats, Waka/Jawaka, and The Grand Wazoo, in a special "threesome" pack.......For even more great CD ideas, read some of my past Agendas below - would I steer you wrong?.......And of course there's always the gift of PINK FLOYD music - turn on a "newbie" to the classics, search out some of the more "Obscured" CDs for the initiated, and satiate even the most ardent fanatic with the new DAVID GILMOUR - In Concert DVD........Oh yeah, and you can also give someone a gift of tickets to a real cool Floyd tribute band playing at the Odeon in Cleveland on December 20th.......Hmmmm.........

EROC'S AGENDA - 10/29/02:
That's right, I'm back - sorry for the delay, but I have a band to run!  First item of business is a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came to our October Cleveland & Columbus shows (over 700 in Cleveland, over 800 in Columbus), especially those who road-tripped from parts unknown.  Personally, I also want to thank my fellow bandmates & friends who helped make my birthday weekend even more special.  It all started with a pre-show Jager toast at the Odeon and it continued, thru The Wall in Columbus, all the way to my Ashtabula campfire melt-down! Special thanks go to Rick, TJ, Joe K, Joe G, Bonnie, Myrtle, Simone & Gary, Sczvinky Lake, and of course me mum & dad, for starting it all!
With that all outta the way, let's roll........Look for WISH YOU WERE HERE to return to Cleveland in December for a special holiday show, something we've never done before, I wish I could tell you what it's about, but I just can't yet - stay tuned, it WILL be worth it!  We will also be back to Columbus in January for an All-Ages show at the Newport Music Hall, across from the OSU campus..........Did you notice my new Moog Theremin at the Odeon? (that funky box with the antenna that I play with)..........Seen quite a few good shows around town lately - Alice Cooper rocked with a great band (including Eric Dover & Eric Singer) at TCA, Al DiMeola strummed to a stunned (& amazed) crowd at the Odeon, and Project/Object evoked the spirit & genius of Frank Zappa at the Beachland Ballroom...........Band sound tech/photographer/jack-of-all-trades Joe Kleon has been working at gigs & in the studio with UFO bassist Pete Way, engineering & mixing his next CD, recorded live in Cleveland earlier this month (another cool show)..........See ya at RUSH on November 4th at the Gund..........The STANLEY/SHANNON PROJECT (featuring Michael Stanley, myself, and others playing blues, roots rock, standards, and anything else except MSB tunes) will be at the Savannah in Westlake on Friday, November 15th.........A great Cleveland Classic/Progressive Rock band from the 70's-80's, SOUVENIR, will be reuniting for an Odeon show on Saturday, November 16th.........The return of HAMMERED, my classic hard rock/heavy metal cover band from the 90's, will take place at the Runway on Brookpark Rd. on Saturday, November 30th..........Need a laugh, or 2, or a hundred?  Check out this link - it's a HUGE collection of links to other sites that will keep you in stitches for hours...........
MY CD HABIT - Yes, it truly has gotten out of hand again - I've picked up so much in the last 2 months, both new releases & back catalog, that for brevity's sake I'll just list 'em, in no particular order - it's up to you to wade thru it all!:  Toto - Through the Looking Glass (new-all covers!-available Nov.5th in the U.S. on Capitol/EMI).....Jellyfish - Fan Club Box Set.....Black Crowes - Live.....Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf.....Terry Bozzio & Billy Sheehan - Nine Short Films.....Spock's Beard - Snow (Neil Morse's last)....."An All-Star Lineup Performing the Songs of Pink Floyd" (on Purple Pyramid Records).....Me First & the Gimme Gimme's - Have a Ball....."Bat Head Soup" - A Tribute to Ozzy.....Derek Trucks - Joyful Noise.....Jughead - debut.....Kansas - Always Never the Same (w/ a symphony orchestra. Hmmm...).....Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder (new) and their debut album.....Dread Zeppelin - De-jah-voodoo....."Movin' Out" - Broadway Cast Recording (Billy Joel tunes, sung by Cleveland's own, Michael Cavanaugh, who I used to jam with back in the '80's...).....Joe Bonamassa - So, It's Like That.....The Doors - Stoned Immaculate.....Tony Levin Band - Double Espresso (live).....Don Caballero - Singles Breaking Up.....New York Dolls - Rock 'n' Roll.....Gary Moore - Scars.....Ben Folds Five - West 54th (live) DVD.....and a few others that I've already filed and can't remember.......And Frank Zappa - I've been on a kick lately, so instead of stating what I've most recently procured, let me give a quick primer on what I believe are the "Essentials" (and I'm sure some may disagree - get your own Agenda!) :  Overnite Sensation, Apostrophe, Joe's Garage Acts I II & III, Shut Up'n Play Yer Guitar (all 3), Zoot Allures, Sheik Yerbouti, Lather, Man from Utopia, Freak Out!, Just Another Band From LA, One Size Fits All, plus anything LIVE, and...goddamn, there's just too much to list here - but that's a start - Happy Collecting!.........
That's a wrap for now, have a Happy Halloween and as Tenacious D say, "Shut up & listen to my orders!" 

9/11/01 - A MEMORY
Last year on this day- it hardly seems like a year - WISH YOU WERE HERE were preparing for our 9/14/01 show at The Odeon. Stunned, admittedly freaked out, and not quite knowing whether we or anyone else would be even thinking about playing or listening to live music, we all decided to go thru with our scheduled practice that evening, which then helped us to focus on our upcoming show. As evidenced by the 600+ friends that joined us for the emotionally-charged show that Friday night at the Odeon, we were not alone in our belief in music as a power of release, healing, strength, pride, and unity.
That belief will be foremost in our minds and hearts this weekend, as we travel to and perform at I.U.P. in Pennsylvania. We thank you, our friends, and our families, for your continued support, your belief in us, and our shared belief in the power of music.

EROC'S AGENDA - 8/30/02:
Get out yer calendars - if October 18th and 19th aren't filled in already, then it's time now - for our only 2 Ohio appearances this Fall.  The Friday 10/18 show at The Odeon will be a fun night of Floyd in our hometown of Cleveland - with a surprise theme, we hope that we can, with your help, sell out this venue once again (for the 20-something-th time in our history!).  This will also be a warm-up gig for the next big night (Saturday 10/19) at the Promowest Pavilion, where we will be performing THE WALL in it's entirety, for the first time in Columbus!  It's a great venue, with lots of room to "Breathe, Breathe in the Air," or in this case, marvel at the Wall that we build!  Ooh, ahhh.........We now have a pro-shot video available of our performance of THE WALL from The Odeon last March - pick it up at our October shows...........The band is currently getting ready for our September 13th road trip to Indiana, which is actually in Pennsylvania...........It's already Christmas as various members of WISH YOU WERE HERE, along with other Northeast Ohio talent, are participating in the recording of Volume 2 of NorthCoast Noel, the compilation CD released last year that benefited the Salvation Army - more on this when the weather changes..........Look for me at the Robert Plant/moe. and Dream Theater concerts in Cleveland after Labor Day...........
NEW MUSIC RELEASES - The CD stores in town gotta love me, this truly is an addiction (admittance is the 1st step, you know): I actually got this a while ago, but it's worth it - LUTHER WRIGHT & THE WRONGS "Rebuild the Wall" is a country/bluegrass version of The Wall that will make you laugh, cry, and shake your head, often within the same song - Rog & Dave even gave it 2 thumbs up!.........."By The Way" is the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS at their most "mature," but don't let that scare you - this one has really grown on me..........VIDA BLUE is Phish keyer Page McConnell's funky solo debut (see, I told you Phish would re-form), and DEEP BANANA BLACKOUT dish out the funk with "Release the Grease - Live".........I just picked up WIDESPREAD PANIC's "Live in the Classic City" but haven't really absorbed it yet, except for checking out how they cover "Let's Get the Show On the Road," one of my favorite tunes that I get to perform with the song's writer, Michael Stanley (in my "other band")..........
NEW RE-ISSUES : BLACK SABBATH's "Past Lives" is actually a better sounding "Live at Last" re-package along with other rare live tracks of varying quality, but if you are an Ozzy/Sab fan, I recommend it..........DEEP PURPLE's "Who Do We Think We Are" gets a dynamic re-issue treatment..........Unearthed from the ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND vaults is "American Univ. 12/13/70," which still proves why they need Dickey Betts back in the band..........and finally, not technically a re-issue, but more of a re-RUSH-ing, it's "Exit...Stage Right," the STRING QUARTET TRIBUTE TO RUSH.  Worth it just for "YYZ" alone! TENACIOUS D (with Lee) say, "That's Un Special Thing!" 

EROC'S AGENDA - 8/14/02 : 

 backstage at Polaris Amphitheater, Columbus OH - 8/8/02

"I can't pretend a stranger / Is a long-awaited friend" - Well, Geddy, Alex, and Neil may not, but WE can at least pretend, eh?  So that's how myself and sound fx tech Joe Kleon approached our fleeting meeting with the Canadian super-trio RUSH on August 8th, before their excellent show at Polaris Amphitheater in Columbus, Ohio.  While Neil Peart usually declines these promotional events, we had the great pleasure of a brief meeting and photos with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson - special thanks to Bill Peters of Auburn Records, and Joe Kleon for this coup!  (You can see Joe's pics with RUSH as well as a myriad assortment of other cool photos at Joe's site.)  For more on RUSH, check out into the WISH YOU WERE HERE world, we just added an article to this site about WISH and the FakeFest tour in May that was from the Cleveland Free Times - see it here or on our BIO page............. The band is currently enjoying a well-earned break, but we will soon start rehearsing for our special performance of THE WALL at I.U.P. in Pennsylvania on September 13th..............Can't confirm anything yet, but it looks like October will truly be ROCK-tober.......(What the hell does that mean?)..............
NEW MUSIC RELEASES:  Well, it's been so long since I've done this, so some of these may not be so new anymore - but still, as they say, "it's all good."  (But who the hell are they ?)  Anyways, these are CD's that have been in my CD player frequently in the last 3 months:  THE JELLY JAM's self-titled debut is great progressive rock with Beatlesque vocals and psychedelic jams, and includes members of Kings X and Dream Theater...... Speaking of progressive, JING CHI is another "monster player" supergroup featuring Vinnie Colaiuta, Robben Ford, and JImmy Haslip.......TREY ANASTASIO (of the hopefully soon-to-be-reforming Phish) calls his jammin' CD his own name......Lotsa good stuff from the Dead camp, including more Dick's Pick's, England '72, and PHIL LESH & FRIENDS' "There and Back Again".........Cleveland's own cow-punk-abilly legends THE COWSLINGERS rock the house with "Coast To Coast"........If you like MEGADETH, it is mandatory to pick up the remixed & remastered "Killing Is My Business" - it is now TEN TIMES more brutal.........DO NOT pick up the re-recorded new versions of OZZY OSBOURNE's "Blizzard" and "Diary" - it's still Randy Rhoads, but the new rhythm tracks are LAME and the whole thing just reaks of something foul - which reminds me of the time I befuddled Ozzy about 5 years ago - but that's another story for another time!.......Live Bootlegs: STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - Louisville KY 5/1/02 - why is this one so good?  Because they opened with a perfect "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", and our drummer TJ and I were there for the ride!...........Oh yah, one more cool new release is ROBERT PLANT's "Dreamland," a collection of psychedelic-bluesy-folk-jammin' covers and originals..........
I just heard David Gilmour's "Mihalis" being played on the Weather Channel - somebody at that network must be enjoying nature & the weather :) ..............
Well, it's time for me to clean my Jager machine - gotta keep those shots pure and clean, just like my thoughts......and as Tenacious D so truthfully say, "This Is Just A Tribute!"

EROC'S AGENDA - 7/27/02 :

EROC'S AGENDA - 7/16/02 :




University of Toledo.  It was a dark & stormy night....actually a cold & rainy day, so the gig was moved indoors - into the band's hospitality room!  Not enough power for our light show, but someone said the show must go on, so we turned lemons into lemonade (that cool, refreshing drink) and played a spirited set of Floyd faves to an appreciative crowd of students & fans who, like us, had "weathered the storm."  (Steph said she's "done this before" - okay......)  Our thanks go out to those in the student and production crews who rose above it all, and to the fans that night who made it all worthwhile - hopefully we will be back sometime soon to put on the kind of show you deserve to see (and hear)!!!  NEXT STOP - FAKEFEST!  


If this is April, that means Spring, right?  So where is it???  Hopefully soon, as our next 7 gigs are all outdoors!! (Well, kinda....)  We're getting VERY PSYCHED about the FAKEFEST tour, and we hope to see all our fans come out en masse and enjoy a long night of great music - have you seen the low ticket prices for these shows? - What a DEAL!........I've been listening to Pink Floyd's OBSCURED BY CLOUDS a lot lately - if you don't have this disc, I HIGHLY recommend it.  It is the soundtrack to the 1972 French film "La Vallee" and was written AND recorded in 2 one-week sessions, in between tours and during a break from the "Dark Side of the Moon" sessions - incredible!  You may see a song from this creep into our setlist at the U of Toledo gig later this month........Check out this site that has great info on the current Roger Waters tour, a lot of used vinyl lately - old Chicago, Utopia, B.B. King - a fun, cheap way of exploring music without spending $15 each on CD's, and enjoying the lost art of album graphics.......The "BeatleJam" show at the Odeon last month was inspiring, adventurous, and just plain FUN, unfortunately most of Cleveland missed it, as there were only a couple hundred people there.  To make up for that, we bought Vince Welnick a double shot of Beam.........SIDE PROJECTS: Playing bass for Michael Stanley this month at The Tangier in Akron OH, April 12,13,19,20,  and our classic rock band O'BRIEN'S RUN will be at the Riverwood in Lakewood OH on Friday May 3rd..........Check out extreme violinist ED CANER's site, I'll be playing some gigs with him this summer.........RECOMMENDED NEW MUSIC: "Thunderthief" is the newest from ex-Zepper JOHN PAUL JONES.......From the TOMMY BOLIN archives comes "First Time Live"..........Finally, we received a funny email thru the website recently from someone who thought WE WERE PINK FLOYD (not the first time this has happened!!), requesting permission to use lyrics in a novel she was writing.  Am I insane, or isn't it obvious that, as TENACIOUS D say, "This Is Just A Tribute" ?!?!?!?   Cool Breeze...........

TOUR DIARY: 3/25/02

We braved the snowstorm on Friday evening & arrived late but ready to party in Olean NY (Thanks to AJ's subs!), continuing our trip to Delhi NY on Saturday to play for a great crowd at S.U.N.Y. - thanks to Marty Greenfield, Natasha, & the student crew for all their help - we had a great time!  (Picc's Bar & the Buena Vista will never be the same.)  Sunday we trekked back to Cleveland thru the wet snow & slush - which was wasy after Friday's mess - the curse of winter road trips! (Got diesel?)  Next show - U of Toledo in April......

EROC'S AGENDA: 3/22/02

Welcome to the Premiere Edition of EROC'S AGENDA - a regularly updated column from the mind of Bassist/Vocalist EROC SOSINSKI.  This is my forum for spreading the "Gospel of Rock'n'Roll according to Eroc," along with news about WISH YOU WERE HERE, band member's side projects, PINK FLOYD, new music & CDs, and anything else I feel like "raving and drooling" about!  (NOTE- opinions expressed within do not necessarily reflect those of anybody else anywhere!)
So let's get started.......As you may have noticed, we've been working on the website (kudos to Wishmaster Jeff Zahorsky), with new features such as a GUESTBOOK (your forum to tell us & the world what you think about us) and a calendar (soon to come), to show all the WISH gigs as well as side projects that involve myself & other band members........We will be doing more WISH road trips in the future - hitting colleges, and then touring in May with a package of tribute bands called FAKEFEST, playing at the larger outdoor venues here in the Midwest - stay tuned to the GIGS page for the latest updates........If you haven't seen the band in a while, come & check out our newest member, SCOTT LANGSTON, who took over for original guitarist/vocalist JIM TIGUE, who left to pursue other interests -  Good Luck JIM, and Welcome Aboard, SCOTT!........If you're in Cleveland, check out our classic rock side project, O'BRIEN'S RUN, at the Riverwood in Lakewood on Saturday, March 30th.......Looking for the latest news on PINK FLOYD-related activities?  Check out these 2 great sites, and  for news on the Roger Waters tour dates and David Gilmour's recent solo shows and interviews.  I keep 'em bookmarked........RECOMMENDED NEW MUSIC RELEASES :  DREAM THEATER's double-disc set, "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence," is yet another great addition to the band's catalog......NIACIN blends funky drumming with progressive bass & B3 organ on "Time Crunch".........Saw GALACTIC in Pittsburgh - great funky New Orleans jam-band that has a new CD, "We  Love 'Em Tonight - Live at Tipitina's," that really captures the band's live groove, 'cept ya really gotta SEE the drummer to fully appreciate these guys.........GOV'T MULE's "The Deep End - Vol. 1" has been a constant presence in my player - can't wait for Vol. 2!........
FINALLY, I must finish this Inaugural Tome by thanking all of our fans who come to the WISH YOU WERE HERE performances - hopefully we will get to see you soon and thanks again for all your support!........As the Gods of Rock TENACIOUS D say, "This Is Just A Tribute!"

Thanks HIRAM COLLEGE and special thanks to RICH & VERTICAL SOUND!.......Just finished editing the DVD/Video of our performance of THE WALL - look for it to be available at gigs starting in April!......Have you seen "The Osbournes" TV show on MTV?  Bloody brilliant!!!

Wow, what a weekend: March 8th & 9th, 2002 - over 1500 Floyd fans at Promowest Pavilion in Columbus, then we performed THE WALL  the next night to a sold-out ODEON crowd in Cleveland!  Thanks to everyone who came to the shows - they were truly special to us!  See ya at the FAKEFEST in May!!!!!!